Red Dwarf USA

With today being the 30th anniversary of Red Dwarf, how best to mark the occasion than to go back and look at the first episode? Unfortunatly, we already did a commentary for that for the 25th anniversary. So rather than repeat ourselves, we’ve instead looked to Red Dwarf USA.

Featuring what is essentially a remake of The End, it’s a project that is notorious for having been unsuccessful in getting a various for a whole host of reasons. With with all the intervening years since it was made, how does it fare looking back at it today?

We look at the pilot in both it’s edited and unedited forms as well as looking at various interviews from the time to try to assess the overall project

Could it have been a success? What worked and what didn’t? And why did a confusion over a chocolate bar cause so much bother to Doug?

All these sweet questions and more will be filled as Alex, James and Andrew look back and what might have been, all while only just managing to avoid doing silly accents.

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