Podcast Stars: Perfect Night In

This time on Podcast Stars, we talk to writer and podcaster Neil Perryman, all about his new talk show Perfect Night In. 

So what’s the format of Perfect Night In?

It’s Desert Island Discs, but with television programmes instead of music. And less sand.

You were quite famously co-host of a podcast in the past, what made you want to return to this world?

If you are talking about Tachyon TV (which was more infamous than famous) my original plan was to bring that back earlier this year, but my co-host, John Williams, wasn’t interested (for perfectly valid reasons) and the thought of doing it without him… well, it wasn’t even an option. And the reason I wanted to return to podcasting? Egomania, probably. Although I think the best thing about my new podcast is that I’m barely on it.

It’s early days but what makes for a good guest?

Someone who is passionate about TV and loves talking about it. Oh, and they must also own their own microphone and know how to record themselves over Skype. The second stipulation is way harder than the first.

Are you hoping to find some new TV recommendations or would you rather bathe in the warm glow of nostalgia?

Both. In fact, if it wasn’t for this podcast, I’d never have seen an episode of Frasier or know that Timmy Mallett once tried to tackle apartheid. But yes, the nostalgic element of the show is a big part of it for me. For example, I can’t wait for someone to come on the show and tell me how good The Sandbaggers is. I also hope to learn more about my guests from their choices. But most of all, the podcast will be entirely positive, which barely any criticism at all, because I think that’s what the internet needs right now.

What’s on your perfect night in playlist?

I haven’t even tried to answer this question myself because it’s too bloody difficult. If the podcast ever makes it to Episode 25, I’ll ask my wife to host the show and then you’ll find out.

You have a YouTube video version of the show. Is that time consuming to create?

Yes, it’s a massive ball ache. However, I think the format is enhanced with visual illustrations so it’s probably worth the bother. The hardest part is trying to navigate YouTube’s automated Content ID restrictions. I had to upload Episode Two 17 times before they were happy with it.

How do you find your guests and any teasers of what’s coming up?

It’s very early days and my guests so far are mainly people I’ve met on social media. For me, the trick is attracting guests who aren’t primarily known for being Doctor Who fans – that’s been the hardest part for me because of my hermetically-sealed echo chamber. I’m also very aware that I am surrounded by middle-aged white males which isn’t good for the show’s diversity to put it mildly. One of the reasons I’m doing this podcast is to try and break out of my comfort zone, so fingers crossed.

What’s the editing process like?

I love it. In fact, it’s the only reason I’m doing this. I like the challenge of taking 90 minutes of chat and cutting it down to 45 minutes. It’s challenging and creatively stimulating. I wish I’d been an editor in real life.

How long is each episode?

Approximately 45 minutes. Anything longer will probably test the audience’s patience.

What kind of release schedule are you planning?

Two episodes a month, with a view to going weekly if the demand is there (and my Patreon reaches $50 an episode).

What podcasts are you listening to at the moment?

I never miss an episode of Radio Free Skaro.

Where can people listen to/ watch Perfect Night In?

All the links you need (Soundcloud, iTunes, YouTube etc.) can be found here.

Thank you very much Neil! You can watch episode 2 of Perfect Night In below. 

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