It’s the first full trailer for Passengers

In the wake of Interstellar and The Martian, it seems like the general cinema going public have acquired a taste for near future science fiction films with charismatic leads. Who better than the leading man and lady of the moment, Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence to make a voyage into deep space far more interesting…and attractive. It looks like a fairly intriguing setup although the final line of the trailer just seems to give away a little too much, but it’s too late, you’ve watched it now.

This all feels a little familiar and there are hints of Duncan Jones’ modern masterpiece Moon in there as well as hints of WALL-E. Although if you’re looking for an excellent drama about travellers awoken from an interstellar journey, you’ll find none finer than Space Age, a short written by Ralf Little and Nick Moran for Sky Arts’ Playhouse Presents strands. The highly attractive leads in that production were Richard Wilson and Simon Callow as colonists looking for a new home planet.

Michael Sheen and Laurence Fishburne provide support in a film directed by Morgan Tyldum.

Passengers arrives in cinemas on 23 December 2016

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