P for Picard: ‘The Impossible Box’ and ‘Nepenthe’

The crew of La Sirena are finally heading towards the Borg cube and Raffi secures Picard credentials to visit Huge as a diplomat. But Narek is getting closer to discovering Soji’s secrets and she realises that her life may not be all it seems. He  invites her to play the crystal maze so he can explore her dreams and find her homeworld using clues in her subconscious. After she reveals where she is from, he tries to kill her in a really convoluted way but she activates and escapes. Picard finds her and they use some technology from that episode of Voyager you don’t remember to escape to Nepenthe, home of Riker and Troi and their daughter Kestra. This gives Soji time to consider who she is and do that TNG episode where Data makes friends with a child and the audience time to remember that it’s nice to spend time with likeable characters. Meanwhile, Elnor stays on the Borg cube with Hugh and proves to be a terrible bodyguard and stuff happens on La Sirena but we’ll get to that later. This synopsis is already too long. 

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