P for Picard: ‘Maps and Legends’ and ‘The End is the Beginning’


Picard continues to investigate Dahj’s death and visits her apartment with Laris to try and figure out the identity of the Romulans who killed her and to find clues to help locate her sister. Based on their methods, Larisa determines the perpetrators were the  Zhat Vash, a secretive Romulan intelligence agency who stand against synthetic life in all forms. Picard asks a friend to fake his medical so he can go to Starfleet to ask for a ship and a crew to continue his work but is told in no uncertain terms that he will not be welcomed there and is instead investigated by Starfleet security. Instead he turns to his old colleague Raffi who puts him in touch with a charismatic pilot and he begins to assemble a crew to search for Maddox. Meanwhile on the artefact, Soji forms a relationship with sexy but clearly a baddie Narek and continues to work on the Borg under the supervision of Hugh, who is now the head of the Borg artefact research institute.