Opening scene released for Marvel one shot ‘All Hail the King’

What began as short clips featuring Agent Coulson, the Marvel one-shots have become increasingly ambitious and entertaining. This one follows up the events of Iron Man 3’s reveal that The Mandarin was not actually a criminal mastermind but a drunk British actor named Trevor Slattery. Whether you liked that twist or not,  Sir Ben Kingsley’s performance was one of the highlights of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Now Slattery is in prison and attracting the attention of a journalist who wants to get to know the real Trevor Slattery and just what made his King Lear the toast of Croydon.

‘All Hail the King’ was written and directed by Iron Man 3 scribe Drew Pearce and will available on the Thor: The Dark World DVD released 24 February 2014.

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