New York Comic Con trailer for Big Hero 6

Superhero teams are all the rage since the Avengers. The X-Men have enjoyed a creative renaissance, Guardians of the Galaxy are doing it in space, and the executives at DC suddenly woke up from their decades long slumber and decided to attempt to put together the Justice League, and now in animated form comes Big Hero 6, based on the Marvel comic of the same name, which is incredibly even less well recognised than Guardians of the Galaxy was. There isn’t even a Raccoon to get into as a hook.

It’s exciting to see Disney diversifying its animation offering as it could probably just re-release Frozen every year and still make fairly healthy profits. This is the first animated film to exploit Marvel’s vast back catalogue and clearly has franchise potential. If it’s hit expect to see a film based on Canadian super team Alpha Flight any time now.

Big Hero 6 is released 30 January 2015 in the UK and November 7 2014 in the US


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