New trailer for The Tomorrow People


We received this statement from the CW* on the release of this trailer for The Tomorrow People.

“We just want to make it clear that this is not X-Men. It has nothing to do with X-Men. We are in no way trying to replicate X-Men. Stop saying X-Men dammit. The Tomorrow People is a pre-existing property. It’s an old British show and we respect that. We didn’t think that we needed a superhero show and then buy up something nobody remembers to hang it on to. Nope definitely didn’t do that. We also are not developing anything that seems to be incredibly similar to The Hunger Games. That would be crazy. So in conclusion, this show is totally original…apart from the fact it’s based on something. Enjoy”

*this is not a statement from the CW

The Tomorrow People will be broadcast on Tuesdays on the CW from the Fall

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