New trailer for Showtime horror show Penny Dreadful

You remember Josh Hartnett right? He was a movie star not so long ago who somehow fell down a waterfall while sailing in the stream of leading men. Luckily, that stream lands in the land of cable TV where you can do brave projects that you always really wanted to do anyway. No seriously TV is as good as movies. No, the money isn’t as good but it’s all about art right? RIGHT?!

Anyway Josh is starring in Penny Dreadful, a new drama co-produced by Starz and Sky Atlantic. It’s written by John Logan who might want to tell you that he wrote Skyfall and Gladiator but who we’ll never stop blaming for Star Trek: Nemesis. Basically it’s The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen but with made up of horror icons whose copyright has expired. Eva Green, Billie Piper and Timothy Dalton also star.

Penny Dreadful will premiere 11 May 2014 on Showtime. Date to be announced in the UK

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