New trailer for Disney’s ‘Frozen’

An adaptation of  Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytale The Snow Queen has been in development at Disney for over a decade but it was only after the success of Tangled that this project spluttered back to life. Just as marketing told producers that children wouldn’t go to see a movie called Rapunzel, this story has been retitled Frozen, because kids love those snappy one word titles.

Tangled was a big success for Disney and showed that the traditional Disney princess story can be updated for the digital age and still retain that classic Disney fell. Conversely, The Princess and the Frog appeared to prove that traditional hand-drawn style animation is too costly, time consuming and less appealing to younger audiences.

First thoughts based on this trailer are that the animation looks very pretty, the music sounds solid and the snowman is far too cute and possibly annoying; at least he isn’t cracking wise though.

The film is directed by Disney veteran Chris Buck (Tarzan) and Wreck-it Ralph screenwriter Jennifer Lee and stars Kristen Bell,  Idina Menzel, Jonathan Groff and Josh Gad.

Frozen is released 6 December 2013 in the UK and 27 November 2013 in the US


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