New trailer for Disney’s Big Hero 6

It would be fair Disney is on a bit a roll at the moment with every one of its Studios churning out the hits.  Pixar have a new original movie next year called Inside Out;  Walt Disney Pictures and chugging on live action versions of classic cartoons like Maleficent; Lucasfilm are sure to have a billion dollar hit with Star Wars Episode VII; Marvel are on a run of successes unrivalled by any other; and Walt Disney Animation Studios is still glowing with the success of Frozen. To follow that, they’re bringing out Big Hero 6, a lesser-known Marvel property about a young team of superheroes in Japan. This will be an important test case and if it proves to be a success, then there should be a lot more cross pollination between the massive back -catalogue of properties under Disney’s control

Big Hero 6 is released 30 January 2015 in the UK and November 7 2014 in the US

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