New trailer for Doctor Who season 8 premiere ‘Deep Breath’

He’s back and it’s about time. No wait, that was Paul McGann. He’s back and it’s about publicity? Sure, that works. As Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman tour the world to make sure every single person on the planet is excited about the show returning, the BBC are using social media to make sure everyone gets super excited about Series 8. This trailer was seeded throughout the net

Isn’t it amazing that we’re onto the fourth Doctor in this 21st century incarnation of the show, making Peter Capaldi the Tom Baker of this run. That actually seems about right with his performance as glimpsed here, as he brings a more alien and more alienating quality to the role. It’s been reasonably smooth between Doctors and companions over the last few years so it will be nice to see some tension of the non-sexual nature in the Tardis.

Anyway, this trailer  – which was secretly seeded throughout the net – features a dinosaur in Victorian London, the favourite era of modern era Doctor Who. The Victorians should be used to that sort of thing following incidents involving a CyberKing.  Or maybe that never happened, it’s hard to keep up.

via Doctor Who TV

Doctor Who begins Saturday 23 August 2014 on BBC One and BBC America


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