New trailer celebrates 50 years of Doctor Who

“I’ve been running all my lives……”

Here’s the first trailer for ‘The Day of the Doctor’, the 50th Anniversary special episode of Doctor Who. Some people might complain that it contains no new footage but when you have such a rich history it would be a shame not to celebrate it.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to go into the special knowing nothing about it, other than the primary cast of Matt Smith, Jenna Coleman, David Tennant, Billy Piper and John Hurt? Wait a minute, they already showed some footage at Comic Con. What makes them so special? Eh? Oh, they paid lots of money to go there and queued for literally hours. But still, they’ve seen stuff other people haven’t and that’s just not fair and Doctor Who fans all want a fair world.

Expect more trailers with footage from the episode as the Day of the Doctor grows closer. Otherwise it might not hook in all those David Tennant fans.

The Day of the Doctor airs globally on 23 November 2013 

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