Max is more mad than ever in theatrical trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road


EXEC 1: So we’re looking for a tag line for the new Mad Max movie, already subtitled Fury Road. Any ideas team?

EXEC 2: Well this might seem a little obvious but how “Max is back and this time he’s madder than ever”

EXEC 1: I like where you’re going but we can’t really back that up, I mean he used to be played by Mel Gibson.

EXEC 2: Well we could focus on the star. Tom Hardy is the man of the moment – “Starring Tom Hardy, best remembered as Shinzon, the inexplicably poor clone of Captain Picard in Star Trek: Nemesis, the film that killed a franchise.

EXEC 1: Right, I’m not sure we want to evoke killing franchises as we try to relaunch one.

EXEC 2: This is a trickier sell than I thought.

EXEC 3: Why don’t we make it more of a prestige exercise? George Miller is really highly thought of in critical circles. We should evoke some of his previous work. Something like “From the director of Happy Feet 2”.

EXEC 1: Again, that’s smart thinking but I’m not sure we’re really going for the same audience.

EXEC 2: We need to take inspiration from somewhere, but where?


EXEC 4: I’m so excited guys, the new stationary has arrived from the Film Executives Guild of America. Isn’t it lovely? I love the new slogan.

EXEC 3(READING): “Hollywood – a world without hope, without law, without mercy”. Hmmmmmm. Wait a minute…..

EXEC 1: Way ahead of you. Our work here is done. Great brainstorm everyone.


Mad Max Fury Road is released 15 May 2015

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