Logan: The first trailer arrives for Wolverine 3

It’s probably best not to think of the X-Men films in any kind of continuity, otherwise you’ll give yourself a nasty headache. Instead, imagine these are basically hypothetical one-shots with a cast of recurring players. After all, it wasn’t so long ago that Logan and Professor X were living in a terrible post-apocalyptic world where most mutants had been wiped out. Since that timeline has been erased, they get to live in another completely different post-apocalyptic world with most of the mutants now gone. This one has far more of an indie vibe though, which is absolutely lovely.

While nobody at 20th Century Fox has any handle on the continuity, it has in recent times actually opened up the franchise to a diverse tone of movies, from the pseudo-intellectual action-packed X-Men, the broadly comedic and ultra violent Deadpool, and now this.

Since it’s his last hurrah, it seems that Hugh Jackman has earned enough goodwill from the studio to make the Wolverine movie that he’s always wanted to make. It also feels a little like the producers now trust the filmmakers a little more to do something a little more interesting following the surprise blockbuster success of Deadpool. If anything, this looks more like The Road, and a million miles away from the ultra polished Marvel movies.  Getting a diverse tone within comic book adaptations can only be a good thing and something that the two big producers could learn from. Whether this will resonate with mainstream audiences is another matter. It would look really good in black and white though. If only someone could make that happen.

The Wolverine director James Mangold returns and the cast also includes Patrick Stewart, Richard E. Grant and Stephen Merchant.

Logan arrives in cinemas 2 March 2017

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