Legend of Korra s1e10: Turning the Tides

So, we’re almost up to the season finale of Legend of Korra and things are heating up for the Avatar and friends. Pre-pop your popcorn and find a comfy chair, because the action’s literally non-stop.

I like how Asami’s finally decided she’s had enough of Mako’s rampant assholery, telling him like it is even when Mako gets pissed off at Bolin for telling her about his and Korra’s kiss. The whole “you can sit in the back of the car” maneuver was classic, and it’s great to see she’s actually having none of his indecisiveness now that he’s showing his true colors. It does actually make me wonder if this is some massive trolling on the Avatar production team’s part. Remember how everyone was in love with Zuko? And then everyone was in love with Mako because, going by his character design, he looked like the next Zuko? And then Mako turned out to be a terrible manchild? Well, oop.

But whatever, the love triangle isn’t nearly the most interesting thing going on in this episode. It starts to get really creepy when the plot kicks into gear, with Amon’s forces taking out the Republic City council and gassing the headquarters in a sneak attack. Tenzin and the other government personnel are forced outside to face a cadre of mechatanks. But have no fear, Team Avatar are there to save the day. Asami just up and drives her car straight into a mechatank, plus takes the time to stop Tenzin from being carted off. This girl is after my own heart.

But that’s not the only thing that’s up in Republic City. Take a look over the bay, because equalists are advancing on Air Temple Island. And surprise! Pema’s baby is on the way.

This, of course, leads to some Spider-Lin defensive action against the invading forces and, what the hell, the airbending kids actually get to show their stuff. The girls are seriously cool to watch.

But fear not, the airbending kids manage to mop the floor with the equalists, and Tenzin has a moment with his new son Rohan (with a total “what will happen to our future” kind of spin). But there’s no rest for anyone here, because equalist reinforcements are on their way and they’re gunning after the last of the airbenders. Tenzin takes his family and Lin and runs off via sky bison while Team Avatar stays behind to defend the island. Take a note of this moment, because this is the total “nothing’s ever going to be the same again” moment of the series.

But Avatar’s not done stomping on your heartstrings just yet (is it ever).

Lin has a noble sacrifice moment when she goes back to disable to two airships chasing after Tenzin’s family and you can just tell everyone’s heart is breaking. Hell, my heart’s breaking over a 2D character. She manages to smack the hell out of the two airships before being boloed, electrocuted and captured. And you can probably guess what happens next.

The scene where Amon takes Lin’s bending away is just so beautifully handled I can’t even. That music. That Lin refusing to tell Amon where Korra went. This is making me really hope the theory that Amon’s anti-bending skills being more about chi-blocking than actually taking someone’s powers away is true. Because if Lin never gets to metalbend again, I’ll actually cry at the series finale. Such a badass lady.

And what about that reveal at the end. The military showing up. General Iroh. Zuko’s (grand?)kid.

Avatar, stop making me have all the feels.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFZ8JS0k6U8]

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