Jessica Jones: Full trailer for Netflix series

Marvel have faced a long road to bring Jessica Jones to the small screen but it looks as though it’s been worth it and it’s found it’s perfect home on Netflix. It would be fair to say that Daredevil was the darkest offering from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but its sister show seems to be taking it to the next level. It appears to be dealing with post-traumatic stress, rape, manipulation and regret in a way that the big mainstream movies could never attempt to approach. There’s a melancholy and dark noir vibe to the trailer which should translate well to the series’ detective agency setting.

Leading the cast is Krysten Ritter, recently seen in the Veronica Mars film but perhaps best known for her brilliant comedy performance in Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23. Here she’s has the unenviable task of playing one of Marvel’s most complex characters, a superpowered human who has become a private eye following a traumatic event. This trailer nicely outlines her powers of super strength, and potentially flight which in the comics she gained through exposure to radioactive chemicals. It’s not clear whether her origin a superhero Jewel will be explored in this show, but we’d put money on there being more than a few flashbacks and perhaps even some ties to the MCU at large.

Her primary ally is Luke Cage played by Mike Colter, who will lead his own show in 2016. David Tennant plays the evil Kilgrave who, if he can pull it off, could turn out to be one of Marvel’s most memorable villains.

There’s a nice new motion poster too if that’s your thing.


Jessica Jones arrives on Netflix in 20 November 2015

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