It’s the first trailer for Jason Bourne

Let’s try and ignore the fact that “You know his name” is perhaps the least inspired tagline of all time, and that it reminds you of a Bond theme. Also that it’s apparently been conceived by those who aren’t that familiar with the source material because that isn’t even his real name. Although, if you want to do the smart reading, maybe that the point. He can never really be who he was and instead he must embrace what he’s become.

The Bourne Ultimatum was a pretty neat end to the trilogy with both Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass both feeling they’d said all they wanted in their two outings together, Doug Liman having directed the first film. That left a slight gap in Universal’s future plans and so they tried to plug the gap with perennial franchise leach Jeremy Renner. That didn’t go so well so presumably truckloads of money were delivered to the actor and director.

It looks very much like what has come before. Although Bourne has regained his memory, there are more secrets as revealed by walking exposition machine Julia Stiles and Tommy Lee Jones is doing his smooth yet sinister high ranking official schtick. It should be very entertaining but there is a chance it all might feel somewhat redundant. If it nails the first part then it will be better than plenty of this summer’s releases.

Jason Bourne arrives on screens 28 July 2016

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