Iron Fist: New trailer for Marvel Netflix series

All superheroes have an origin. Most of them have a huge family business to take care of. Few of them have parents. Iron Fist all feels a little cliched and is easily the least interesting and least anticipated of the Netflix Defenders series. Danny Rand just isn’t in the same league as Daredevil, doesn’t have the unique backstory of Jessica Jones or the popularity of Luke Cage.

The MCU already has a millionaire super hero with “Iron” in his alter ego and he’s way more charismatic than this guy. Problematically, he doesn’t really seem distinct enough from DC’s similarly swept away Green Arrow, who has already enjoyed plenty of success on the small screen. Still, there might be lots of cool martial arts…and some Buddhism.

These shows have a pretty good track record so far and with The Defenders mini series just around the corner, there’s bound to be plenty of interesting crossover nuggets to keep viewers interested, not least Rosario Dawson who connects the future Defenders as Claire Temple.

Finn Jones stars in the title role with support from Jessica Henwick, David Wenham, Jessica Stroup and Tom Pelphrey.

Every episode of Iron Fist will be available to stream on Netflix on 17 March 2017. 

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