Holy young vigilantes Batman! It’s the trailer for Gotham

Before Batman began, there was the beginning. The beginning was this kid called Bruce Wayne, and his parents were killed leaving him the richest orphan in all the land. One day he’ll fall down a bat cave and decide that instead of helping this impoverished town with his wealth or maybe putting a really good lock on Arkham Asylum, he’ll dress up as a giant bat and beat up the poor, forced into criminality by a broken system. Also young Bruce is going to encounter all his future foes before they drink the kool aid and act really weird. He’ll probably be friends with at least one of them before they turn, you know like Clark Kent was kinda sorta friends with Lex Luthor in the first few seasons of Smallville. Watching over all this will be a young Jim Gordon. He’ll probably have his ideals tested by the dark force rising in the city, but wouldn’t you know it, he’s a stand up guy.

This idea is nothing new of course. Smallville arose from a pitch by Tim McCanlies for a young Bruce Wayne show. He got as far as writing the show bible and one episode had young Bruce visiting Clark Kent’s home town of Smallville. Sadly at the time WB/DC were quite precious about Batman so the young Supes was given the green light instead and McCanlies got paid lots of money and none of the credit. Now in a bid to catch up with Marvel, WB are letting it all out so they’ll have two Batman universes running at once.

Gothan begins this fall on FOX

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