Here’s your first look at Heroes Reborn

Remember when NBC announced a new series of Heroes and collectively we all stopped for a moment and asked, what? Why? Who? Well just one year on we have a brand new trailer for Heroes Reborn, with people and everything in it. In case you don’t know, Heroes was a show that began in 2006 about people discovering they have powers, a bit like X-Men, and then they used those powers not to form an awesome team of people and save the world, but just wander about doing lots of contrived things until we all got bored. For a brief period it looked as though it could be the saviour of genre television, and it came at a time when pickings were slim. It even aired on BBC 2 as they attempted to bring back the glory days of great US sci-fi imports like Star Trek: The Next Generation and Quantum Leap. The Marvel Cinematic universe wouldn’t even exist for another two years, so a lot has moved on in the genre since this show first aired. The first season was pretty good until the end, when everyone was a little disappointed by the anticlimax. It never really recovered from there and that it limped on for another three seasons whilst becoming increasingly incomprehensible.

Such was the impact of this show, there  was talk at one point of a spin-off, Heroes: Origins, which would take an anthology approach, introducing viewers to new heroes every week, with (kinda) big name directors like Kevin Smith and Eli Roth rumoured to be taking on an episode each. That got lost somewhere during the 2007-8 writers strike and never returned as the parent show began to struggle creatively.

Returning from the old Heroes is Jack Coleman as Noah Bennet, who used to work for an organisation that brought super-powered people together, like SHIELD but a whole lot less competent. He’s joined by Zachary Levi, who is hopefully allowed to be as charming and charismatic as he was in Chuck. They’re both in this trailer, kinda looking at a thing that isn’t there. It’s all very dramatic. Heroes was always kind of obsessed with a solar eclipse, and this trailer adds an Aurora to that. There will probably be a meteor shower in the next one. Creator Tim Kring is returning as writer, Bryan Fuller who made it good is not. That’s about all we know. Hopefully Sendhil Ramamurthy will returned Mohinder Suresh because otherwise who’ll do a really dull voiceover? It’ll probably be on in the summer. Maybe not. Maybe a minisode wil air during the next Super Bowl. Does anyone care?

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