Here’s the first teaser trailer for Disney’s Inside Out

Pixar built their richly deserved reputation on smart, innovative and original films. Toy Story wasn’t an enduring success because of the animation but rather because it was beautifully written and had a great heart. For years it seemed that this animation company could do no wrong, producing smart heart-warming films at every attempt. In recent cheers the transformation of films into franchises has led to some criticism. The Cars films seemed like the most cynical movies produced by the company, lacking the usual Pixar intelligence and seemingly geared towards selling toys. There then followed a Monster’s Inc prequel which had some nice moments but could never match the charm of the original. The announcement of a seemingly superfluous sequel to Finding Nemo, named Finding Dory suggested that Pixar had lost their creative spark.

2015 sees the release of Inside Out, a new original Pixar film; well it’s original provided you’ve ever read The Numbskulls in the Beano. The basic set up is that there are tiny people that live inside our heads that govern what we think and how we feel with the characters of Disgust, Fear, Joy, Sadness and anger all portrayed in the film. Pete Docter who previously helmed Monsters Inc and Up is in the director’s chair should prove to be reliable pair of hands. This teaser reveals the first footage of the film but also presses all the nostalgia buttons with clips from all the Pixar favourites….and some from Cars.

Inside out is set to be released in the Summer of 2015 throughout the world

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