Here’s an extended trailer for The Flash

Next season no Network TV is going to be quite the superhero fest. With Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter Marvel’s ABC shows seem to continuing to focus on the supporting characters, keeping those with superpowers purely for the big screen. Over on Fox, there’s going to be a similar approach with Gotham, turning Batman’s home city into a police procedural. NBC has another DC property with a new version of Constantine.

Most excitingly on the CW, they have two fifths of a Justice League, with Arrow and it’s spin-off, The Flash. Grant Gustin has already appeared on the mother show as Barry Allen but now he’s back with some super powers after his heart is restarted multiple times following a lightning strike. Lightning has no many wonderful properties. Why don’t we harness them more?

Here’s the first Arrow flavoured teaser, in case you missed it.

The Flash begins this Fall on the CW and we’d be willing to be on Sky One in the UK

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