Here’s a trailer for NBC’s Constantine

Constantine ran for just 13 episodes in the 2014/15 season. Fans still gather to talk about the great writing and performances, and wonder how the Hellblazer comic books were so brilliantly translated to the small screen while managing to feel fresh and original. Friday nights are truly no friend to fantasy. Farewell Constantine, we barely knew you.

Well, that might not quite end up being true. Grimm has proven that a fantasy drama can succeed on NBC in the death slot, and this is a more recognisable property. The trailer looks great and that should be no surprise as the pilot was directed by English director Neil Marshall, most famous for The Descent and Dog Soldiers.

Expect some nerd rage because although the titular character is famously English, he’s being portrayed by a Welsh actor. It’s like Keanu all over again. Will you never learn Hollywood?

Constantine begins Fridays 1opm this Fall on NBC

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