Friday News Links: 22/03/2013


Wait, this is a franchise now?

If a film makes money then someone is going to ask “How can we make some more?” Turns out most of the time the answer is a sequel so that means there’s going to be even more Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters. You have to wonder if Jeremy Renner will be able to shake the haunted look in his eyes that he had during promotion.


The Man from Uncool

“Are there any properties we haven’t exploited yet?”
“Mission Impossible?”
“It’s been done”
“Get Smart?”
“The Man from UNCLE?”

Oh yes, Tom Cruise is apparently in talks to create a film version of the 1960s spy show that starred Robert Vaughn and David McCallum. Guy Ritchie is set direct having achieved an incredible career resuscitation through Sherlock Holmes.


Harrison Ford says a thing might be happening

When questioned about his role in Star Wars Episode VII Harrison Ford said that he expects to be part of it. However his deadened eyes gave away nothing.

WGN9 News

The Rock Spins Off Fastly and Furiously

Could The Rock be set to get his own spin-off movie from the inexplicably giant Fast and Furious franchise (hereafter referred to as the Fastchise)? The Rock as DSS Agent Luke Hobbs was introduced in Fast Five and reprises his roll in this summer’s sequel. The only source on this is The Rock, but no one should ever doubt his word.


Arrow adds to cast

You know how it is going into a second season, you’ve probably run out of things for the characters to do, or realised that some of your original characters are so dull, you have no idea what to do with them. So producers have added from the recurring cast to regulars with Manu Bennett’s Slade Wilson set to be there full time. He joins Colton Haynes as Roy Harper and Emily Bett Rickards as Felicity Smoak as newcomers in the opening titles. You know, if they had any, which they don’t.

The Hollywood Reporter

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