Friday News Links: 15/03/2013


It’s Friday, and that’s a time for reflection and to look at all the week and think about what we’re all doing with our lives.

Here today, Clone tomorrow

Star Wars cartoon The Clone Wars is to come to an end following it’s fifth season. This is not much of a surprise since the show has reached the golden syndication number of 100 and Disney wouldn’t the marketplace to be overcrowded with Star Wars properties before they absolutely flood the marketplace with Star Wars properties.


Who’s the executive producer?

Doctor Who Executive Producer Caro Skinner has left the show to take on a new role at BBC Drama Production in London. Faith Penhale, Head of Drama BBC Wales will take on the role for the 50th anniversary episode/episodes.


Return of the Mars

Just in case you missed it, Veronica Mars is coming to the big screen thanks to a Kickstarter campaign. You can read what we thought here but there is plenty over on the official Kickstarter page. The $2 million target has been met and then some.


Director Named for Jurassic Park IV

There just aren’t enough dinosaurs in movies at the moment. At least that’s what all the people are saying. So why not bring back a popular franchise? Director of the first two Jurassic Park movies Steven Spielberg is back as Executive Producer and franchise newcomer Colin Trevorrow. You might know him as the director of Safety Not Guaranteed but then again you probably don’t. Expect to see how popular these films are when the original gets a 3D re-release in April.


Guardians of the Galaxy casts Drax the Destroyer

It was never going to be a seasoned character actor in this role so a WWE wrestler seems to fit the bill. Dave Bautista has closed the deal to play Drax and nobody can argue that he doesn’t have the vibe of a destroyer. He joins Chris Pratt who has been cast as Starlord in the James Gunn film based.

The Hollywood Reporter


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