Friday News Links: 08/03/2013


It’s Friday and as convention dictates, we are getting down. But first we decided to look up the most exciting stories of the week. Here’s your bunch of things to click.

There’s a Storm coming

Bryan singer has taken to his favourite social network to confirm that Halle Berry will return in  X-Men: Days of Future Past, giving us a full house. Now everyone can play X-Men bingo.

Coming Soon

Kyle Mclachlan is in a pilot

It’s that time of year when the network makes actors sign 7 year contracts and then puts them through a Hunger Games style trial to compete to get back on TV. This one is notable because it’s from Mr. Finger-in-all-the-pies JJ Abrams, and stars Twin Peaks‘ Kyle MacLachan. Believe, written by Alfonso Cuaron, will certainly be picked up to series on NBC before being cancelled after a season and a half-hearted fan protest.

TV Line

Ron Moore returns to the Syfy channel

There’s a new show on the way from Battlestar Galactica mastermind Ron Moore, with Syfy ordering 13 episodes of Helix. Sadly it’s not set on a spaceship but it’s all about some CDC scientists who journey to the Arctic on an investigation when they discover a giant plot device that sets up the season.

Comic Book Movie

Disney Confirms standalone Star Wars

Now that Disney is the lord of all franchises, don’t expect them to forget to exploit them for everything they are worth. It had been rumoured there would be additional Star Wars movies featuring well loved characters in stand-alone films, delving into vital character moments like that time Han Solo fought dinosaurs and when Yoda went speed dating.

Den of Geek

Oz sequel on the way

Talking of franchises, Disney have confirms they are working on a sequel to the prequel of The Wizard of Oz, before Oz, the Great and Powerful even hits theatres. Expect Rise of the Dawn of the Planet of the Oz to be released within the next two years provided Sam Raimi’s effort makes all the money, which it will.


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