Friday News Links 08/02/2013


Things have been happening this week. There have been loads of them, all over the place so we must link to them. So here’s your geeky week in links. Aww, we should have called this feature Geeky Links, like Freaky Links. What do you mean you don’t know what Freaky Links is?  Google it!

Thunderbirds are Go! Again

Gerry Anderson’s most famous creation are set to return in a brand new CGI 26 episode series for ITV to air in 2015. Peter Jackson’s WETA are on board to do the animation and introduce a whole new generation to the Tracey brothers and their amazing machines. Here’s hoping ITV treat the show better than 2005’s New Captain Scarlet.



Being Human is no more

It has been announced that the new series of Toby Whithouse’s Being Human is to be the last. It’s a shame for a show that has gone through a total cast change and come out the other side just as strong but it’s always good to leave them wanting more.

Den of Geek


Star Wars stand alone movies confirmed

So we knew there was another trilogy on the way and JJ Abrams will direct the first but now Disney have confirmed they are exploiting this franchise to the full with some films exploring popular characters in the Star Wars universe. Early reports indicate there will be films focusing on Jedi Master Yoda, who proved to be an idiot in the prequel trilogy, and Han Solo who was happily absent from episodes I -III. When a Jar Jar movie appears they will really be scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Ain’t It Cool News


Justice League do not Assemble

Who knew that pushing ahead with a film without a finished script or vision would be a bad idea? Now it seems execs were not fans of Will Beall’s Justice League treatment and that leaves Warner Bros searching for a new writer. With no script, no director and no cast signed up it seems 2015 is a pretty ambitious target for a multi-franchise launching film.

Badass Digest


Die Hard 6: Die Hardest

Bruce Willis has confirmed on The One Show that Die Hard 6 is going to happen. Sigh

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Friday News Links will return next week.

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