UPDATED: First look at the official poster for ‘The Day of the Doctor’

The Day Of The Doctor


Here’s the first official image released by the BBC for Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary episode now titled ‘The Day of the Doctor’. As expected, it prominently features Doctors ten and eleven as played by David Tennant and Matt Smith with John Hurt in between them. It’s an exciting tease with the TARDIS and Daleks all hidden in there but perhaps most tantalisingly of all is ‘Bad Wolf’ written on the wall beside the John Hurt. It wouldn’t really be a visit from Rose Tyler without Bad Wolf coming up. There’s also a wider movie style poster circulating but it’s yet to have an official release so we’ll circulate that as we have it.

UPDATE: Here’s the movie style poster

Doctor Who 50th poster

The Steven Moffat penned The Day of The Doctor will air on Saturday 23 November 2013 on BBC One and BBC America

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