First Contact: ‘Who Watches the Watchers’ Season 3 Episode 4


First Contact Who Watches the Watchers

In this week’s exciting Star Trek The Next Generation podcast: The Enterprise is on course to deliver some supplies to a remote outpost who are spying on a proto-vulcan settlement. Everything goes wrong though and there are explosions and some of the indigenous population witness the advanced technology and believe Picard to be a god potentially changing their entire belief system. Can Picard fix the potential damage done to this society by breaking the Prime Directive even more than they already have? Probably, and also Riker and Troi get to dress up so that’s nice.

Andrew, Alex and James gather once more to ponder the Prime Directive and try not to get too distracted by horses in what could be the Star Trekkiest Star Trek episode of all time.

Listen to the previous episode, ‘The Survivors’ here

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