First Contact: ‘Unification’

Ambassador Spock in shadow with the First Contact logo overlaid and the title 'Unification'.

Ambassador Spock is missing and it seems he’s gone to Romulus. Could it be that this living legend has betrayed the Federation? Well, we’re going to tease it out for a very long time because Leonard Nimoy doesn’t come cheap but Mark Lenard was also available to play Sarek for a scene to make it feel a bit more like a big crossover event. Data and Picard head to Romulus to investigate while Riker gets involved in a B-plot involving stolen ships. It seems that Spock has found an underground movement on Romulus who hope to reuinfy the two peoples and build a shared culture. But it seems there’s a dark plan at work, led by Sela, to try and invade Vulcan and a plan that doesn’t completely make sense. The two generations work together to attempt to save the day and ensure the safe future of the Federation.


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