First Contact: ‘Tin Man’ Season 3 Episode 20


The Enterprise is busy pottering along when it’s diverted on a new mission following an awkwardly chummy encounter with the captain of the Hood. Tam Elbrun, a mission specialist in First Contact situations comes on board with an abrupt manner and a dark past with both Troi and Riker.  The Enterprise’s new orders are to make contact with an ancient living spaceship known as ‘Tin Man’ which is orbiting a star about to go supernova. Turns out Tam has a weird psychic connection to the ship but can he make it on board before the star explodes? Or the Romulans destroy it? Oh yeah, the Romulans turn up too for some reason.

Join Andrew, James and Alex for their chat about what makes a great guest character and why adapting an existing story doesn’t necessarily work  for Star Trek: The Next Generation. 

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