First Contact: ‘The Royale’ Season 2 Episode 12


First Contact The RoyaleWhen is a holodeck episode not a holodeck episode? When it’s ‘The Royale’. Andrew, James and Alex take an in-depth look at one of the more unusual episodes in season 2 which excites at least one of the team and fails to engage the others.  An away team visits a planet that seems to be based on a trashy 20th century novel set in a hotel, but when they try to return to the ship, they find themselves trapped. Will they be trapped there forever? Will the crew on the Enterprise have anything to do during the entire episode? Is this just derivative of Original Series episode ‘A Piece of the Action’? All these questions and more are answered during this podcast. There’s also a pretty exciting discussion about Fruit Polos, so be sure to download for the full excitement.

Listen to the previous episode, ‘Contagion’ here

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