First Contact: ‘The Outcast’ Season 5 Episode 17

The Enterprise is called in to render assistance to the J’naii after one of their shuttles disappears down a weird space hole. Riker works closely with a member of their species, Soren, and they become close. The J’naii are gender neutral and regard other species as more primitive, however Soren confides in Riker that they identify as female, but it is forbidden on her planet and regarded as a sickness and if anyone finds out, they will be sent to conversion therapy. There are many discussions about gender roles, makeup and Riker’s genitals, which probably made this a fun watch with the family at teatime. When Riker and Soren kiss in the gardens, their relationship is discovered and Soren is taken away. Riker attempts to intervene, and considers breaking the prime directive to do so. Following a rescue attempt, he is rejected as it’s too late and returns to the Enterprise, a little sadder than he was before.

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