First Contact: ‘The Masterpiece Society’ Season 5 Episode 13

While carrying out the Starfleet’s primary mission, following big rocks in space, the Enterprise realises that this one is heading for a previously unknown human colony. While Picard offers assistance, the colonists are resistant. They reveal they have been selectively breeding for eight generations, to create a version of paradise, the very best of mankind where everyone’s life and role is predetermined. Without help, their home will be destroyed by earthquakes but some fear that the natural balance of their society will collapse through interaction with the outside world. Troi is charmed by their leader while Geordi keeps his distance from their head scientist, Hannah after putting into action everything that he learned on his mandatory training course. With a mixture of Hannah’s innovation and Federation technology, the colony is saved but damage has been done. Many decide to leave, seeing the greater potential in the outside world. And that means that we can end the episode by saying something deep about the prime directive.

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