First Contact: ‘The Loss’ Season 4 Episode 10


Following some unusual sensor readings, the Enterprise finds it is unable to resume its course with both warp and impulse engines failing to have any impact on the ship’s new course towards a weird purple thing that will probably crush them. Meanwhile Counsellor Troi experiences extreme pain and soon realises she’s lost her empathic abilities. From this point forward, she’s horrible to everyone including Riker, Crusher and Picard and then patronising to Guinan. She even hands in her resignation. But of course, what ship could cope without a therapist? It is only with Troi’s insights that the crew are able to solve the sci fi problem of the week. Some two dimensional beings are dragging the ship towards their favourite part of space, and once their needs are understood the ship can break away and Troi regains her vague magic powers.

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