First Contact: ‘The Emissary’ Season 2 Episode 20


First Contact The Emissary

The Enterprise is diverted on a secret mission to pick up a special Emissary, K’Ehleyr, a half Klingon who has a history with Worf. They must stop a Klingon sleeper ship who think they are still at war with the Federation and look set to destroy a number of colonies. Picard plays cupid and makes Worf work with his former lover to come up with a solution that doesn’t involve blowing up the Klingons. They fight and then do other things, and then Worf comes up with a clever resolution and K’Ehleyr escorts the Klingons back to the Empire.

Alex doesn’t really remember anything about ‘The Emissary’ so Andrew talks far too much which leads to some statements which may cause issues with Germany.

Listen to the previous episode ‘Manhunt’ here
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