First Contact: ‘Shades of Gray’ Season 2 Episode 22


First Contact Shades of Gray

During a geological Survey Riker gets struck by a thorn which releases a virus into his body. If it reaches his brain, it will kill him, so Pulaski puts him into a magical memory machine to try and stimulate his neurons. It turns out Riker may be some kind of sleeper agent as he remembers nothing prior to his adventures on the Enterprise but no one seems that bothered about it. After using various clips…I mean memories…Pulaski realises that raw emotions work best and Riker has all the feelings and virus dies. Isn’t modern medicine amazing.

During this recording, Andrew, Alex and James got somewhat distracted by some rather pressing emails but they definitely get around to reviewing ‘Shades of Gray’…eventually.

Listen to the previous episode ‘Peak Performance’ here


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