First Contact: ‘Lonely Among Us’ Season 1 Episode 6


First Contact Lonely Among Us

First season tedium starts to kick in as Andrew, James and Alex watch ‘Lonely Among Us’. This is a perfect example of how not to do a bottle show featuring comedy aliens, the crew acting out of character…again, Data emulating Sherlock Holmes and Captain Picard attempting a cryptic clue using the computer panels. But just because the episode isn’t a highlight, that doesn’t mean we’re not hereto entertain you.

Watch along with us.

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  1. Have to agree with Alex here. It is extremely dull most of the way through. Datas cuteness is a one off gag that doesn’t hold up over time. As badly as season 1 has aged this is one of two that I almost always skip in re-watches. Wont say which is the other as you havent reviewed it yet 😉

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