First Contact: ‘Too Short a Season’ Season 1 Episode 15


First Contact - Too Short a Season

The elderly and sick Admiral Jameson arrives on the Enterprise to return to a planet where he negotiated more than 40 years previously. Soon after boarding his illness appears to be abating and he starts looking younger, not that he looked that old in the first place, more like a man who was covered in latex and painted. Andrew, James and Alex contemplate growing old in the latest episode of First Contact.
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  1. take heart our newest trekkie friend, While there are a few abysmal eps to go, some worse than the previous, you are past the hump of when they were consistantly poor. I will note this had a slightly better reception in first run, we were glad to have any trek back really they have dated extremely badly. Societal attitudes have outpaced the shows morals to an extreme degree. Anyway glad you are back I really enjoy this podcast

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