First Contact: ‘Datalore’ Season 1 Episode 12


First Contact - Datalore

The crew decide to explore Data’s origins as they happen to be passing the planet where he was discovered 26 years ago and nobody has bothered with a return visit since. Beneath the surface of the planet they discover an underground base and inside find an android identical to Data. Or could he be Data’s evil twin? Yep definitely that one and he’s so arch they might as well have given him a moustache to twirl. He’s in league with a life sucking crystal for some reason and bad stuff happens until Wesley saves the day. Again.

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  1. Following on from a comment made at just before the 10 minute mark. If the Enterprise is the flagship where is the officer of Commodore rank or above, to be a flag ship, by definition, it must be commanded by a flag officer 😉

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