First Contact: ‘The Big Goodbye’ Season 1 Episode 11


First Contact - The Big Goodbye

The Holodeck takes centre stage this week as Picard becomes noir detective Dixon Hill, to get away from the stress of delivering a precise greeting to the Jarada to begin Federation negotiations. However, wouldn’t you know it, something goes wrong trapping Beverley, Data and Lieutenant Redshirt inside and now it seems these holographic bullets can really kill. Andrew, James and Alex nitpick all the fun out of an enjoyable episode as they discuss existentialism, the quality if Troi’s advice and the problems with your entertainment system being a death trap.

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  1. just to mention, not canon just general trivia. The Holodeck is first shown on the original enterprise in TAS. when questioned on this Rodenberry said there was a holodeck on the live action Enterprise on TOS but during his time at the helm they could not afford to show it and Frieburg, who took over from him, was specifically there to kill the show

    • It seems in TNG Roddenberry was able to execute all the ideas that he had saved up since TOS went off the air. The rec room in the animated series seems pretty much like a holodeck but then in the Voyager episode Flashback they say ships of the 2290s didn’t have any holodecks. Frankly, they should have more than enough to do without playing on the holodecks half the time anyway.

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