First Contact: ‘Qpid’ Season 4 Episode 20

The Enterprise is hosting a Federation archaeology symposium and among such prestigious academic company, Captain Picard is nervous to deliver the keynote address. But he’s surprised and delighted to find Vash, his old flame from Risa, among the delegates. And like any show in search of some kind of plot, Q shows up offering to grant Picard a wish because he feels indebted to him following the events of Deja Q. Picard refuses but seeing the  complexities the captain has in his mixing his romantic and professional lives, Q decides to send him and his crew to Sherwood forest with Picard as Robin Hood, the senior staff as the merry men and Vash as Maid Marion, to teach him that romance is bad? Or that working together is good? Or that it’s fun to get out of the studio? Who knows? But there’s a lesson there anyway and everyone works together to save the day and get back to the Enterprise. His debt repaid, Q leaves and Vash goes with him, seeing the opportunities an amoral god can offer to an amoral archaeologist.  

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