First Contact: ‘Q Who’ Season 2 Episode 16


First Contact Q Who

Q arrives on the Enterprise revealing he’s been ousted by the continuum and asks to join the crew. After Picard rejects his offer, Q sends the ship 7,000 light years away. There they encounter the Borg, a life form enhanced with cybernetic implants who function as a collective. The Borg fire on the Enterprise killing 18 crew members. The Enterprise attempts to outrun their ship but it seems unstoppable. Picard is forced to beg Q to end the encounter, which he does. The Enterprise returns to the alpha quadrant, shaken, humbled and in fear of a new threat to their way of life.

‘Q Who’ is a huge turning point in Star Trek: The Next Generation, but Andrew, James and Alex seem to get a little obsessed with their problems with the title as well as Ensign Gomez’s hot chocolate. Also which one is Geordi again? It’s so easy to forget.

Listen to the previous episode, ‘Pen Pals’ here
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