First Contact: ‘Power Play’ Season 5 Episode 15

The Enterprise answers a centuries old distress call solving the mystery of an early Federation starship that disappeared. But Troi senses life so an away team take a shuttle down to investigate as space rays or something make transporting impossible. So Chief O’Brien beams down with a pattern enhancer but before they can return, some glowing lights possess the bodies of Troi, Data and O’Brien, leaving Riker’s alone because… well, they knew where it had been.They claim to be the dead crew but act extremely sketchy, taking hostages and shooting everyone. Picard tries to negotiate with them and they finally confess that they are all prisoners forced to live on a moon as energy, unable to escape. Picard tells them about willing to die for a cause, and fearing a long monologue, they decide to give the bodies back and then everything is fine.

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