First Contact: ‘Peak Performance’ Season 2 Episode 21

First Contact Peak PerformanceThe Enterprise is ordered to participate in a War Games scenario in order to assess the crew’s readiness for a Borg attack. The exercise is supervised by famed strategist Sirna Kolrami who’s really good at Battleships and beats Riker and then Data. This gives Data a crisis of confidence because he’s usually really good at Battleships. Picard commands the Enterprise while Worf is given command of the ancient Hathaway and brings Geordi, Worf and Wesley along for the ride. Who will come out on top? We’ll never know, because the Ferengi attack. Yeah we didn’t think they’d bring them back either. How embarrassing. They get defeated though due to things all set up a little bit earlier.

Andrew, Alex and James get confused about whether ‘Peak Performance’ is an episode of Star Trek or a nineties ITV medical, which is pretty standard for any episode of First Contact.

Listen to the previous episode ‘The Emissary’ here

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