First Contact: ‘Hollow Pursuits’ Season 3 Episode 21


What do you do when you get a relatively high profile guest star? You attempt to build a fun episode around them, of course. Dwight Schultz stars as Reg Barclay, a nervous man who is all of us and helps the audience understand that the entire senior staff of the Enterprise are dicks, especially Wesley. He has social anxiety and uses the holodeck as therapy, recreating fanciful versions of the crew to work out his problems and enact his fantasies. But when it starts to interfere with his job, both Geordi and Riker decide it’s time to take action and try and get him off the ship. But when a weird thing the writers never bothered to properly define starts happening which could destroy the ship, Reg steps up to the plate but can he save the day? Yeah, kinda.

Join Andrew, James and Alex as they identify too much with the show’s most troubled character.

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