First Contact: ‘Final Mission’ Season 4 Episode 9


Wesley Crusher has been accepted into Starfleet Academy. Before he does, Picard decides to take Wesley on a mission where’s he’s mediating a mining dispute. For some reason they head out on some wreck of a mining ship with a shifty captain. The ship then crashes on a desert planet right on cue while the Enterprise answers a distress call because a garbage ship is poisoning a planet with radiation. While Picard, Wesley and Captain Grumpy survive the crash, they must travel a long journey to some caves where there’s some water protected by some weird forcefield. Picard gets injured when they try to access the water but can Wesley save him? And can the Enterprise save the planet without getting everyone horribly irradiated? And why didn’t Picard pack any sandwiches?

Listen to the previous episode, Final Mission, here.

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