First Contact: ‘Evolution’ Season 3 Episode 1


First Contact Evolution

Because no one demanded it, First Contact returns to cover season 3 of Star Trek: The Next Generation starting with ‘Evolution’. Just like the show that inspired our podcast we’ve made some changes…okay, not really, it’s still Andrew, James and Alex talking about the show in more detail than you’d like, but we all wore clean uniforms for this episode.

Anyway, in this week’s exciting instalment, there’s a scientist man on the Enterprise, waiting to do an experiment. He’s been waiting a really long time for this thing to happen with a star that only happens once every 200 years or something. All is going well but then the Enterprise computer fails and everything goes wrong, even the lights go out. Could it be one of Wesley’s science projects gone wrong? You bet it is. Turns out nano technology can damage a computer. Also Doctor Crusher is back and worries Wesley isn’t having fun, when actually she should be worried he’s a supervillain. Everything gets better in the end when they talk to the new life form and the scientist man gets to do his experiment

Listen to the previous episode, our Season 2 overview here


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