First Contact: ‘Ethics’ Season 5 Episode 16

While playing a game of find the plastic melting radiation, some barrels fall on Worf, leaving him paralysed. Crusher invites a neurological specialist, Doctor Toby Russell, to assess his condition and she offers a miracle cure with low odds of survival which involves growing a new spine. Meanwhile, Worf asks Riker to help him commit ritual suicide which he is not thrilled about, but Picard tells him that other cultures are different so it’s okay and encourages him to help his friend. To give other people something to do,  the Enterprise responds to a medical emergency and Crusher asks for help from Russell, but she uses some experimental treatments which result in death. Riker lectures Worf and Alexander gets sad so Worf decides to live and gets the experimental treatment. He almost dies but then doesn’t because Klingons have double organs for everything or something. But we all learned some important lessons along the way.

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